IFP Independent Film Week

Neurotypical was 1 of 70 films (out of 600) selected to participate in the Spotlight on Documentaries section during IFP's Independent Film Week in NYC this September. Spotlight on Documentaries is an opportunity to pitch Neurotypical to potential investors, festivals and distributors. Wish us luck!

Soooo busy...

...unfortunately not with the film. Just finished another project in DC and one in Atlanta. Next, I'm off to Toronto, then back NYC, Atlanta and finally Honolulu. If you didn't know, my "day job" is as a projection designer. I create video projections for live performance (theatre, dance, opera). Check out my work: www.hum-bar.com! Lot's of travel and lots of fun, and easy to get sidetracked from Neurotypical. But I do have to make money to pay for the shoots, don't I?


Sometimes life takes over in a major way. No notable updates about the film BECAUSE in September, I got married. Good excuse, eh? Oh, and two days ago was my birthday. And I've got to make some money, so off to projects in DC, Philly, and NYC... We'll get back to the film soon, I promise.


We've finally broken away from the East Coast! Michael John Carley put us in touch GRASP's Chicago chapter and a number of amazing individuals responded; John, Ben, Wendi, and Jack. Only this time I was all by myself (lights, sound, camera & interview). Whew!

Boston and Fort Walton

This week we managed to expand our shoot both north and south along the East Coast. First, we met with friends, Kassiane and Stephen, who were participating in a conference at the Boston Higashi School. Then, a long trek down to Florida to talk to Suzanne. Remarkable stories and footage while wading in a swamp!
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