I Can Read You Like a Book

I heard Greg Hartley speak on NPR about his new book on body language. Greg is a former Army interrogator who translated his expertise in body language and human behavior to everyday life. Fascinating conversation about the "human spectrum".


This past weekend we hosted and filmed a dinner party for 12 in Asheville. Great food and conversation (in an impromptu setting). Up until this point, our footage has mostly been interviews. It's nice to finally break that mold. I can see this going somewhere!

What an incredible week!

So no luck in landing a distribution deal, but IFP's Independent Film Week was amazing nonetheless. It was incredibly exciting to be in the company of so many talented filmmakers and industry members. And we did manage to meet with HBO. Who knows?!

IFP Independent Film Week

Neurotypical was 1 of 70 films (out of 600) selected to participate in the Spotlight on Documentaries section during IFP's Independent Film Week in NYC this September. Spotlight on Documentaries is an opportunity to pitch Neurotypical to potential investors, festivals and distributors. Wish us luck!

Soooo busy...

...unfortunately not with the film. Just finished another project in DC and one in Atlanta. Next, I'm off to Toronto, then back NYC, Atlanta and finally Honolulu. If you didn't know, my "day job" is as a projection designer. I create video projections for live performance (theatre, dance, opera). Check out my work: www.hum-bar.com! Lot's of travel and lots of fun, and easy to get sidetracked from Neurotypical. But I do have to make money to pay for the shoots, don't I?
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