Exciting news - Neurotypical can now officially be called a rough cut! After 3 ½ years and 40 interviews later, we edited nearly 80 hours of footage down to a 1 ½ hour film. So it took a little longer than our August deadline, but whose counting? We can't wait share it with you!

A Simple Sound

Nearly halfway to finishing a rough cut, but no film is complete without a score. Today Michael Wall, an amazing multi-instrumentalist and composer, agreed to create the music for Neurotypical. Very cool because now we have someone to collaborate with!

Snip Snip

True to my word, we are back at it with Neurotypical (but not before accepting projects in Buenos Aires, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Calgary, and again Beijing). The next two months belong to Neurotypical! The goal is a rough cut by before August.

Wind Up Bird

Every time we gain a little momentum another project rears it's head. At least this one is worth it - The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. I promised myself that we would finish Neurotypical by the end of the year. We will!

...footage, footage and more footage...

Now comes the fun part (if you call sitting in front of a computer for weeks "fun")!! So far, we have accumulated approximately 80 hours of footage that needs to compressed into 90-120 minutes of solid gold. But first, the footage needs to be logged, sorted, and categorized. I have a feeling that we have A LOT more than 120 minutes of gold!
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